Scrub a dub dub

How does that saying even go?

Is it lame that I tried to look up the OG lyrics to this song? I don’t care. What was weird to me though, was the 1,000 different spin offs from the original song.

Anyway.. I took a bath today. Something I RARELY do, but when I do, it’s definitely a good night. My boyfriend Brandon and I just moved into this amazing master bedroom in a huge house somewhere in Oceanside. We’re absolutely in love with it. The bathroom & closet is even better. Both are HUGE! We’ve been living here for a month now and tonight was my first night taking a bath.

So a few things I love to do while the bathtub fills with water is… 1 . Pour in a 4 count of sleep aromatherapy bath bubbles from Bath and Body Works. 2. Make sure there are a few candles lit to help you unwind just a little bit more. 3. I love having my Pink Himalayan Sea Salt Rock (which helps with pH balance, healthy lungs, increases libido, improves circulation and so much more). 4. Hydration.. I keep my 32 oz. Hydroflask right next to me. We all know that hydrating is SO important. 5. MUSIC any type of music that helps you relax, personally I love to play a little R&B. With all of this, you’ll have yourself an amazing bath.